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Clinical Data Management + Practicals+ Job Placement

·       Work with complex computerized records systems and maintain security and integrity.

·       Collect data from clinical trials.

·       Sort data and then ensure it’s screened, grouped, summarized, transcribed, coded.

·       Consult with other employees to solve operational or data problems.

·       Provide clerical duties such as data entry, transcription, coding, and collating searches.

·       Prioritize work in line with project management decisions.

·            Review and approve design, data review ground rules and database design according to Standard Operating procedures and protocol.


·      Manage clinical trials through review, computerization, cleaning and auditing of clinical data and databases in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, client guidelines and regulatory agency guidelines.

·       Validate clinical trial data to ensure consistency, integrity and accuracy based on project specific guidelines.

·       Generate data retrievals and summaries.

·       Query data inconsistencies and revise case report forms in compliance with standard operating procedures.

·       Review case report forms for completeness and consistency.

·       Implement strategy for data cleaning and the design and programming of clinical databases.