DevOps Engineering: Basic

Yes, you have learned in AWS Cloud Solution Architect to set up servers and networks in Cloud.  But that by itself is not enough to get you a job in the very competitive world of IT. You should know not just to support developers to run applications in your cloud infrastructure, but very importantly in today’s world, to automate the deployment process. One way to achieve this automation is CI/CD. You will learn to use Jenkins to create CI/CD in DevOps.

Building CI/CD with Jenkins, Docker and Ansible

In this rare training, you will have the privilege of learning complex things in the simplest forms. DevOps is scary to learn but the approach of this lectures will bring so much fun to learning you may not even realize how much skills you have gained till you complete the training and watch in awe the continuous integration and continuous delivery, that is automation, of your first project.

You will learn:

  • How to Practically Implement Continuous Integration & Delivery for any Project
  • Understand working with AWS Cloud Linux Servers from Scratch to Setup Deployment
  • Gain Real time hands on Deploying Apps into Dockerized Containers by setting up Dockers in AWS
  • Gain Knowledge of Ansible tool to automate Scripts/tasks in any Linux Server
  • Achieve Continuous Integration with Ansible + Docker + Jenkins + GIT
  • Learn Git Web Hook Integration with Jenkins to achieve Continuous  Integration Solution

Final DevOps assignment:  Deploy Ansible in Remote Server

  • Spin up a production Server in cloud, using AWS
  • Establish SSH connection between your Controller Node and the QA server
  • Prepare Ansible Inventory file and YAML file with detailed requirements
  • Install Java, Tomcat and Docker in remote Server
  • Connect with and download project codes by Solution Developers from GitHub
  • Enter the COMMANDS to deploy in remote server
  • Troubleshoot any errors till project is successfully deployed
  • Finally, go to Jenkins and AUTOMATE the above processes on your CI/CD pipeline