I am a Cloud Solutions Architect, Automation Engineer, and founder of theITern Inc, an IT Apprenticeship company in the USA where I train novices to become IT experts in 3-6 months.
Via my team of Nigeria-based trainers and network of IT professionals across the world, I am bringing this Cloud Administration training to elevate you to the status of Network Administrator, and to position you for IT job opportunities, globally. At only N50,000 per month over a period of 3 months, you will be learning the following modules: 

Corporate Network Administration with Windows Server

This is the first course you must take and understand on your route to becoming an IT professional in the technical area such as Network Engineering – irrespective of whether this network is Enterprise, Virtual or Cloud-based. Aside from giving you an overview of how things work and equipping you to become a Corporate Network Administrator, it also prepares you for:

Enterprise Networks Administration with Linux OS

Linux is the crux if IT Engineering, the Operating System on which almost everything IT depend. In addition to gaining access to the private YouTube videos, you will also get the Lecture Note in PDF. I recommend that you complete this training and complete all practical and projects presented in the materials, within 4 weeks.